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25 pieces of Polyol Tanks which are manufactured for one of the group companies of Boydak Holding, Form Sunger, a foam factory established in Kayseri – Incesu Industrial Zone, delivered by Sales and Marketing Manager Mr. Serdal Kara. There were very colorful scene created by tanks which were painted according to their processes.

ISISAN, successfully completed the start-up operations of the cryogenic tanks which were manufactured for ASU, established in Serbia on 20-23 August 2014. Mr. Serdal Kara, Sales and Marketing Manager, who handled the operation of start-up and training for 2 pieces of 200m³ vertical engineered tank, declared that:

-2 Pieces of 200m³ LIN/LOX/LAR tanks delivered to the customer site as a part of Serbia Project in Serbia.