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ISISAN, is part of a group company with expertise in the design and manufacture of highly engineered pressurized transportation and storage equipment for cryogenic fluids (LIN, LOX, LAr, LNG) LCO, LN2O and LPG for use in industrial, healthcare, electronics, food, energy and environmental applications, located on 58000sqm area, right in the middle of central Anatolia, very close to European and Middle Eastern market.


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Our Work, Our Art.


Follow the news we have shared since 2014!


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Değerli ISISAN tank kullanıcıları için önemli bir uyarıda bulunmak istiyoruz. Depremin etkisi ile tank ankrajlarında sıyrılma olmaması için, lütfen ankraj saplamalarının görseldeki tork değerlerinde sıkılmış olduğundan emin olunuz. Olası tehlikeler için önleminizi alınız.

Tork değerleri PDF

We would like to give an important warning to dear ISISAN tank users.  Please make sure that the anchor bolts are tightened to the torque values ​​in the image, in order to prevent the tank anchors from peeling due to the effect of the earthquake.  Take your precautions for possible dangers.

Torque values for bolts PDF